Your Guide to 15+ Unique Birthday Ideas in Manchester

CityDays’ guide to Manchester birthday ideas that are suitable for foodies, adventurers, music lovers and more!

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When you’re stumped for birthday ideas in Manchester, it’s near impossible to get some inspiration that doesn’t contain the same five or six venues in a different order. 

We get that. So we’ve decided to put together our own list of Manchester birthday ideas with some suggestions you might not find anywhere else. And in case you’re wondering - nobody paid us to be listed here. They’re just our recommendations to you so you can find the best places and things to do in Manchester

Read on to find out how you’ll be celebrating your next birthday in Manchester…

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The Best Birthday Ideas in Manchester

Go on a Manchester Scavenger or Treasure Hunt

First up on our list of birthday ideas in Manchester, scavenger and treasure hunts.

No matter how old you’re turning, you’re never too old to embark on an exciting adventure through the streets of Manchester with a scavenger or treasure hunt. Solve clues and puzzles, explore hidden corners of the city, and work together with friends for an unforgettable birthday experience that takes you beyond the ordinary.

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Have an Incredible Birthday Brunch or Brekkie at Vienna Coffee House

Start your birthday off right with a delicious birthday brunch or breakfast at Vienna Coffee House. 

Renowned for its traditional Viennese coffee (coffee served under a mountain of whipped cream), Vienna Coffee House also gives you the opportunity to indulge in a massive range of breakfast and brunch options, including classic English breakfasts and vegetarian alternatives.

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Go on a Manchester Walking Tour

Whether you’re a born and bred Mancunian or you’ve adopted the iconic city as your hometown, we’re betting you’ve never noticed half of Manchester’s cultural quirks or fascinating landmarks.

Well, now you can! Discover Manchester's rich history and vibrant culture on a self-guided walking tour. Whether it's exploring historic neighbourhoods or learning about the city's industrial heritage, teaming up with your mates for a walking tour is a great way to celebrate your birthday and gain insights into this dynamic city.

Tuck Into a Birthday Feast at Mackie Mayor Market

If whoever’s birthday it is considers themselves to be a foodie, you can’t go wrong with Mackie Mayor.

Home to dozens of world cuisines, Mackie Mayor Market is a food lover’s paradise. Whatever your food preferences are, you can be absolutely certain that there’s something for you to enjoy - and even the pickiest birthday party guests will be hard pressed to find something to complain about, too. 

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Have an Urban Adventure in Manchester

Proving that Manchester birthday ideas don’t have to be boring, Urban Adventures are the new way to explore, celebrate and most importantly - have some fun.

So what is an urban adventure? Essentially, you and your mates/family/partner/whoever follow a mystery route that is entirely self-guided. It’s up to you to deduce clues, solve puzzles and riddles and get to your destination. 

You decide whether to work against the clock or take your sweet time about things (pub, bar and café recommendations are included) and when you’re done, you have the sweet satisfaction of ringing in your birthday with a unique Urban Adventure.

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Fun Birthday Ideas in Manchester

Take a Picnic to Fletcher Moss Park

If you’re lucky enough to celebrate your birthday during the summer months (or you’re gifted a rare sunny day at another point in the year), consider a relaxed birthday picnic surrounded by the gorgeous Fletcher Moss Park. 

Not only is the beauty of this place unrivalled, but due to the seemingly endless available outdoor space, it’s also the ideal place to have a low-key birthday celebration with the people you love most (even your four-legged friends are allowed into the park!).

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Go for a Boat Ride Along One of Manchester’s Many Canals


Sick of celebrating birthdays in a landlocked city? Well, we can’t bring the beach to you but we can remind you of Manchester’s incredible network of waterways that are right on your very doorstep.

Use your birthday as an excuse to do the one tourist activity you’ve probably never done before - taking a boat ride along the canals. Whether you opt for a leisurely cruise or a private boat rental, it’s one of the best birthday ideas in Manchester for shaking up your routine and trying something new. 

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Have a Splash Birthday Bash at Hollingworth Lake

Looking for adventurous birthday ideas in Manchester that will get your heart racing?

Look no further than Hollingworth Lake. Make a splash while enjoying the picturesque surroundings as you kayak, sail, paddleboard or skim along the water in a pedalo. 

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Watch an Indie Film at Printworks Cinema


Not everyone appreciates quality cinema and in a world where you have a gazillion subscriptions you never use, it can feel annoying to hand over cash to private cinemas for the luxury of something you can get at home.

With that said, many cinemas still have premium access to as-yet unreleased films. With a varied movie schedule that includes all manner of genres (and even some shows!) Printworks Cinema offers you the chance to celebrate your birthday with a premier experience in an iconic Manchester venue. 

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Say Cheers to Another Year at The Washhouse

Don’t want anyone to know how old you’re turning? Head to The Washhouse.

Mysteriously located behind a washing machine door (yep, really!), The Washhouse is one of the coolest bars in Manchester.

Providing you can find your way in, you’ll be treated to a menu of creative cocktails and an intimate ambiance that’s perfect for a hidden-from-view birthday celebration.

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Laugh Your Way Into Birthday Vibes at Laughienda Comedy Club

The annoying thing about comedy tours is that it very rarely aligns to your (or anyone else you know) birthday. Or is that just me?

Seriously, it’s a scramble to get tickets for the big acts and when you find them, they never seem to be in your area when you’re free. Luckily, at Laughienda Comedy Club, you haven’t got to worry about all that - because the shows are weekly and consist of new and emerging acts that are bound to split your sides with laughter. 

Did I mention the best part? It’s totally free to be in the audience (leaving you with more cash to spend at their decently-priced bar!). 

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Give Real Fruit Tea a Try at Ohayo Tea

If you haven’t heard of real fruit tea, it’s because you’ve never visited Ohayo Tea before.

Located in Manchester Chinatown, Ohayo is a Japanese Shiba Inu themed tea house that serves up truly incredible brews. Made with fresh fruit, the teas here are absolutely exquisite and bursting with flavour that words just can’t do justice.

Opt for birthday ideas in Manchester that take you out of your comfort zone and give you a new favourite drink by paying Ohayo Tea a visit - you won’t regret it!

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Get Vocal at Orchid Karaoke Bar

Hate when other people sing you happy birthday? There’s a simple solution to that: buck the trend and sing to your friends instead! 

Orchid Karaoke Bar in Manchester Chinatown is an absolute must for music lovers. With a huge range of songs to choose from, you’re invited to unleash your inner superstar and spend a fun-filled night of karaoke at Orchid Karaoke Bar.

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Grab a B'day Pint at The Gas Lamp

Does your birthday make you want to go underground? If you answered yes, this one’s for you.

Undoubtedly one of Manchester’s coolest bars, The Gas Lamp is a classic British pub that serves up your favourite brews and a healthy dose of warm, welcoming atmosphere every day of the year. The only difference is, it’s literally underground - hide away from facing your new age or celebrate Hobbit-style in a pub bunker, the choice is entirely yours! 

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Play a Game of Shuffleboard at The Gas Works Brew Bar

If you’re yet to give shuffleboard a go, this is your sign that it’s time.

Nothing will evoke memories of birthdays long ago than getting a bit competitive with some birthday party games - the only real difference is that with this, there’s a bar involved!

Shuffleboard has undergone a kind of renaissance in recent years and it’s taken the world by storm. It might surprise you to learn that Henry VIII was a keen player back in the 1500s - though whether he played it on his birthday is as yet unclear.

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So there you have it! 15+ birthday ideas Manchester edition.

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