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London, England

The Mayflower Pub is the embodiment of the maritime legacy of Captain Christopher Jones and the historic Mayflower journey, offering patrons good views, and even better food!

Mayflower Pub
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Discover the Mayflower Pub

According to The Guardian, the Mayflower Pub in London, positioned on the cobblestone streets of Rotherhithe, is “every inch a traditional English pub.” Although the Mayflower is the self-proclaimed oldest pub along the River Thames, that’s not the reason for its considerable popularity. Dating back to the late 16th century, the Mayflower Pub has earned its place in history as a locale with ties to the legendary Mayflower ship. It is believed that the Pilgrim Fathers, who set sail for the New World in 1620, had their last meal and gathered provisions in this very establishment.

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As an added touch of authenticity, the pub’s outside decked jetty and candlelit restaurant provide a charming setting, where guests can enjoy an uninterrupted view of the Mayflower’s original 1620 mooring point, before its departure for the New World. Over the centuries, the Mayflower Pub changed hands (and names!) several times and was given its current name in 1957 to honour this connection to the ship.

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The 1620 Mayflower Voyage

Typically, the Mayflower ship was a transporter of wine. But in the early 17th century it was tasked with bringing a group of colonists to the New World. In July 1620, carrying 65 passengers, it embarked on this historic voyage from the London homeport of Rotherhithe. Rumours persist that the shrewd Captain Christopher Jones strategically docked in Rotherhithe, near the Mayflower Pub, to avoid paying taxes further down the Thames. The Mayflower's journey continued to Southampton, where it encountered delays, false starts, and a devastating leak that led to the abandonment of its convoy with the Speedwell.

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On 6th September 1620, Captain Jones, along with 102 passengers and 30 crew members, finally set sail from Plymouth. Sighting land on 11th November 1620, the Mayflower anchored at Cape Cod due to harsh winter seas, far north of its intended destination of Virginia. Onboard, the settlers penned "The Mayflower Compact," which provided a foundation for legal order in their new homeland, the United States.

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Captain Jones returned to London on the Mayflower, reaching the Rotherhithe homeport on 6th May 1621. Within the year he passed away and was laid to rest at St. Mary's church in Rotherhithe, near the Mayflower's mooring. A commemorative plaque on the side of St. Mary’s church and a memorial statue in the churchyard pay homage to Captain Christopher Jones and the Mayflower's historic voyage. The Mayflower Pub, overlooking the very spot where the ship prepared for its transatlantic journey, stands as a cherished relic of this remarkable chapter in maritime and American history. Captain Jones’ legacy lives on, intertwined with the very fabric of Rotherhithe and the Mayflower's enduring significance.

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Dining at the Mayflower Pub

To go with this incredible slice of history, and breathtaking views of the Thames, the Mayflower Pub promises to wow its patrons with classic British dishes crafted from local, fresh, seasonal ingredients and daily changing chef specials. Accompanied by a stellar selection of traditional ales, craft beers, local gins, and fine wines, the culinary experience is as delightful as the ambiance. Don't miss the opportunity to catch the sunset while savouring what's hailed as the best fish and chips in London! It's no wonder the pub’s popularity has continued into the 21st Century.

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Nautical Details and Stamp Selling

Walking through the doors of the Mayflower Pub is like stepping onto the deck of the historic Mayflower ship. Maritime artefacts, ship wheels, signs, and vintage maps adorn the walls. They even sell stamps as an ode to the ancient nautical tradition. In the 19th century, due to a special licence that only the Mayflower Pub had, shiphands and other seafarers temporarily docking at Rotherhithe were able to purchase US and UK postage stamps to go with their beverage of choice. This made it possible for the sailors to make the most of their time on land and is a licence the Mayflower continues to hold today.

Mayflower Pub 3
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The Mayflower Descendants Book

While admiring the low ceilings, wooden beams, and general warmth of the Mayflower you can ask to view the Mayflower Descendants Book. This guestbook of sorts holds stories and signatures from the descendants of the original Mayflower voyagers. Descendants with proof can even ask for the book to leave their own mark in history.

Mayflower Pub 2
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Our Thoughts…

The Mayflower Pub in London is more than just a pub; it's a living chapter of history that continues to thrive along the banks of the River Thames.

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