Hackney City Farm

London, England

As the name suggests, Hackney City Farm is quite literally a farm in the middle of the city!

Discover the Charm of Hackney City Farm

Located between Broadway Market and Columbia Road, Hackney City Farm offers a charming escape from the busy city life of London. Home to an array of adorable farmyard animals including ducks, pigs, goats, donkeys, chickens, geese, and sheep, the farm welcomes visitors to explore its grounds free of charge. Its facilities include a farmyard, grazing area, garden, tree nursery, and butterfly house.

The cheerful animal noises and farm machinery create a classic farmyard atmosphere, and also allows visitors to meet the feathered friends responsible for the organic eggs they’ll later purchase from the onsite shop.

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Beyond the fluff and the clucking, Hackney City Farm is also home to an acclaimed café, Frizzante. Recognized as the best family restaurant by Time Out in 2004, Frizzante provides a cosy spot for visitors to unwind. Moreover, the farm's partnership with Bike Yard East, a cycling shop offering products and repairs, adds to its community feel.

Today, the farm not only offers visitors the chance to interact with farm animals and enjoy a cup of coffee in the café. It also provides gardening opportunities, and environmental education for locals, particularly children and young adults.

The History of the Land

Situated on land with a rich history, the farm's site was once occupied by farmers and market gardeners supplying London with fresh produce in the early 1800s. Later, it housed a brewery until the 1930s, brewing beer for local consumption.

In the following decades, the site had various uses and housed lots of different businesses, from furniture makers to haulage companies, before locals established the farm in 1982. Two years later, Hackney City Farm found its permanent home, thanks to a hundred-year lease from Hackney Council.

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Since securing the lease, the farm has undergone a remarkable transformation. What was once a derelict lorry park has evolved into a thriving community hub, complete with a diverse array of farm animals and a lush cottage garden. Renovated out-buildings now house the animals, while the main building has seen significant improvements, including the addition of a straw bale building and container offices.

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Creating Hackney City Farm

Hackney City Farm, established in 1984, was created after local visionaries were inspired by the success of Kentish Town City Farm. Their aim was simple yet profound: to bring the essence of farming to the heart of the city, offering both youth and local residents the chance to connect with nature in a safe space.

Over the past 35 years, under the stewardship of the current farm manager, Chris Pounds, the farm has blossomed into a cherished community asset, thanks to the dedication and skills of numerous staff and volunteers.

Educational Opportunities at Hackney City Farm

As a registered charity and limited company, Hackney City Farm offers a range of educational initiatives, exhibitions, and courses. Visitors, including school groups who benefit from free visits, can participate in a range of workshops catering to various interests. From mosaic making to beekeeping, pottery to yoga sessions.

For the wider community, the farm offers a range of recreational and educational opportunities. Their mini farmers' clubs, held on Saturday mornings, welcome children aged 8-12 for nature-themed activities, arts and crafts, and animal interaction, all supervised by dedicated livestock staff. Additionally, they offer space rental for weddings and birthdays, adding a touch of rustic charm to special occasions.

In 2015, the farm expanded its educational role by registering with Ofsted as a private alternative school, offering placements for up to 10 pupils aged 13 to 17. Through these initiatives, Hackney City Farm nurtures hands-on learning of essential skills, along with personalised mentorship, supporting holistic development.

As a small community charity, the farm relies on financial support and welcomes contributions from all those who share its vision.

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Animals at Hackney City Farm


The farm's pig population includes three crossbred Pietrain sows, with piglets often making adorable appearances from March to October.


Meet the charming residents of the donkey enclosure, featuring Clover, a beloved member of the farm since 2012. Joining her is Willow and her adorable foal, Bear, born in 2022. Willow, hailing from Ireland, has become a cherished member of the farm since her arrival.


With their wobbly plodding and friendly nature, the Anglo-Nubian goats at Hackney City Farm are a highlight of the animal experience. Known for their large droopy ears and affectionate nature, these goats eagerly welcome attention from farm guests.


The farm boasts a flock of pedigree Kerry Hill sheep, known for their unique markings. While these sheep may prefer the company of their fellow grazers, visitors can still admire their distinctive appearance.

Ducks and Geese

From Indian Runners to Aylesbury's, the farm is home to a diverse assortment of ducks, each with its own distinctive traits and behaviours. A small gaggle of West of England geese delights visitors as well. Visitors can observe the birds as they forage and frolic in the pond.


With breeds ranging from Light Sussex to Rhode Island Reds, the farm's chicken flock is a colourfully feathered affair. Whether visitors are seeking fresh eggs for breakfast or simply enjoy watching these lively birds go about their day, the chicken enclosure provides ample opportunities for observation and interaction.

Regular updates on all the animal’s activities, including egg production and new arrivals, are shared on the farm's social media channels.

Animals for Sale

For those interested in bringing a piece of the farm home, certain animals are available for sale as pets. More information about the animals as well as the adoption process is available on their website.

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Sensory Garden

Visitors can wander among the blooming flowers and fragrant herbs of the sensory garden, taking in the sights and sounds of nature at their own pace. Maintained by dedicated volunteers, the garden is open all year-round, providing a welcoming space for reflection and relaxation.

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Farm-to-Table Delights

No visit to Hackney City Farm would be complete without sampling the delicious offerings at its onsite cafe, Frizzante. Inside the courtyard garden, the cafe is renowned for its breakfast offerings available Tuesday through Sunday from 10 am to 4:30 pm. From hearty brunches to scrumptious cakes and pastries, every bite has been sourced from the farm.

On Thursdays, the establishment transforms into Agriturismo, treating guests to an evening of delicious food complemented by live musical performances from 7 pm to 10 pm.

Beyond its delicious menu, Frizzante can be rented out for a range of events. From birthday parties to photoshoots, documentary filming to film screenings, the space offers ample opportunities for creative gatherings.

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