Top 5 London Cemeteries

From a reclaimed graveyard of the 'Outcast Dead' to grandiose Victorian mausoleums of Hollywood fame, London cemeteries are some of the most interesting in the world. Below are five of the best.

1) Highgate Cemetery

Satanism, sex rituals, vampires, Dracula and duels, this Victorian cemetery is as terrifying as its history suggests. It's also oddly beautiful. Why not stop for a picnic amidst the ghouls and gravestones? And don't forget to pay a visit to Karl Marx's big stone head whilst you're at it. Find out more here.

2) Crossbones Graveyard

The unconsecrated final resting place of Medieval London's sex workers. In their day these women were denied proper burial. Visit Crossbones Graveyard to pay your respects and witness the efforts being made to put this right. Find out more here.

3) Old St Pancras Burial Ground

The birthplace of Frankenstein! Mary Shelley spent much of her youth here, mourning the loss of her mother. And the literary connections don't stop there. In a discrete corner a bizarre monument of disused headstones can be found made by the young Thomas Hardy. Find out more here.

4) Kensal Green Cemetery

One of seven grandiose garden cemeteries to be built in London in the early-mid 1800s, Kensal Green Cemetery is a throwback to a time of showy mausoleums and bizarre death rituals: prescribed mourning periods of up to two years, grave bells and one final photograph with the deceased, find out more here.

5) Mount Street Gardens

A peacful London park. Too peaceful! Mount Street Gardens used to be burial ground. In the 1800s however it was deemed unfit for purpose. Why? The corpses were escaping. Find out more about the graveyars and London's 'Resurrectionists' here.